Oregon Business Conditions Survey

The Oregon Economic Forum is launching a new project as part of our comprehensive effort to assess the state’s economy.  And we need your help!

We are asking that you participate in a survey designed to track business conditions in Oregon.  This short survey ask questions about business conditions at your firm, in your industry, and in your geographic area.  Quotes from certain open-ended questions may be featured in quarterly publications detailing the results of the survey.

We are looking to build a contact list of firms willing to participate with a goal of launching the first survey by the second quarter of 2015.  If you are interested in participating, please contact me at duy@uoregon.edu.

A sample of the survey is available here – at the end you will have another opportunity to participate.

Thank you for your support of the Oregon Economic Forum and the University of Oregon.

August 2014 Oregon Regional Economic Indexes

The August 2014 Oregon Regional Economic Indexes of  was released today.  Full report is available here.  We thank KeyBank for their generous support of this project.


August once again saw mixed economic activity across different regions in Oregon. Highlights of the report include:

  • The Rogue Valley measure jumped to its highest level since 2007 on the back of a significant contribution from the civilian labor force component. The region’s labor force has grown during the past two months, breaking a long downtrend and possibly signaling that growth momentum is accelerating.
  • Weak building permit data weighed down both the Salem and Eugene-Springfield measures.  Per usual, one should take a cautious read on sharp changes in the individual components and look toward the moving average measures to see the underlying trend.
  • Note that the labor force component contributed positively to all regions. Low levels of initial unemployment claims continue to signal ongoing job growth while falling unemployment rates are contributing positively to almost all regional measures.
  • Moving average measures of activity – which smooth monthly volatility – reveal that most regions in Oregon are growing near or above their average paces of activity, with the Rogue Valley remaining an exception with somewhat below normal growth.  Still, the Rogue Valley measures show sustained improvement over the past year.

Reminder:  The regional measures are prone to potentially large swings due to the volatility of some of the underlying data, particularly measures of employment.  The moving average measures smooth out much of that volatility.

2014 Oregon Economic Forum Slides Now Available

(mostly) Beyond Macroeconomics

Thank you for attending this year’s Oregon Economic Forum.  We look forward to see you next year.

Slides from this year’s speakers:

Tim Duy, Director, Oregon Economic Forum, University of Oregon
Economic Review and Preview

Ben Hansen, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
“Implications of Legalizing:  Evidence From Medicinal Marijuana”

Mark McMullen, State Economist, Oregon Office of Economic Analysis
“Destination Oregon”

Special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor KeyBank, our silver sponsor the Portland Business Journal, and our bronze sponsors the Port of Portland, Providence Health Plan, Langley, and the Portland Business Alliance.